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cessna 172 for rent las vegas & henderson, nv

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We believe flying should be as inexpensive as possible. It's expensive enough to rent airplanes. That's why members of our not-for-profit club enjoy aircraft rental rates that are as much as 20%-40% less than retail! That means more flying every year for you.

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Attend Club Get-Togethers

Our club was also founded around being part of a community. We want desert flying club to be a place where people can make lasting friendships & share their passion for aviation in the Las Vegas Area. Click above to find out how to join!

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Make the Most of Your Flying

Whether you're a student pilot learning to fly, a private pilot, or an airline transport pilot, we want to make you better. Desert flying club is a place where you can better yourself and your skills & become the best pilot you can be.

Save money, make lasting friendships, and explore your passion for aviation!

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About Desert Flying Club:

Desert Flying Club (DFC) was formed as a non-profit organization aimed at bringing together the Las Vegas aviation community. Our missions statement pretty much says it all: “To create an aviation community where people can make lasting friendships, fly more economically, & become safer pilots.”

Creating a community with events, socials, fly-outs, etc is just one way we’re going to give pilots a reason to fly. Learning how to fly and keeping up with your proficiency level as a pilot is expensive enough as it is! That’s why as a non-profit club, we rent our airplanes at cost to our members. Pilots who stay involved in aviation and fly more are inherently safer, too! Try the savings calculator by pressing the button to the right, and see how much you could save by being a DFC member. (Not to mention all the other benefits of membership!)

Joining DFC is Easy - Even if You Don't Fly!



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No Aircraft Rental Privileges
Serve as Club Officer
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Learn in Club Aircraft
Attend Club Social Events
Vote for Board & Club Actions
Make Lasting Friendships
Access to DFC-Screened Flight Instructors



Full rental priviledges
Up to 4 pilots in 1 family
Attend all club events
Make Lasting Friendships
Access to DFC-screened Flight Instructors

Insurance Deductible Plan!

Through the Insurance Deductible Plan, DFC is now able to offer benefits like covered flat tire repair, no cost repair of ‘oopsies’ on the tarmac, and even hotel and travel reimbursement if you are unable to return to base in a DFC aircraft with a covered failure. This new plan ELIMINATES the need to carry a renter’s hull coverage policy, as our plan WILL COVER YOUR DEDUCTIBLE in the event of a loss. This plan is just $5 per month for pilot members, $7 for students, and there is ZERO deductible for any covered event. Existing members can opt in immediately, and all new sign ups will be required to participate in the plan.

*Monthly rates represents annual memberships, paid up front. Normal membership rates for quarterly (every 3 months) are as follows: Non-Flying = $75 ($25/mo), Pilot = $165 ($55/mo), Student = $255 ($85/mo), Family = $210 ($70/mo). Membership is subject to DFC Board approval. Additional dues are required for the Insurance Deductible Plan, monthly fees are $5 Member, $7.50 Student, and $10 family

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