Las Vegas's Premier Flying Club - Giving You A Reason to Fly!

Why Become a Member of Desert Flying Club?

The DFC mission statement says it all:

To create an aviation community where people can make lasting friendships, fly more economically, & become safer pilots.​

Rent Aircraft for Less


Save Money!

We believe flying should be as inexpensive as possible. It's expensive enough to be a pilot in Las Vegas! That's why members of our not-for-profit club enjoy aircraft rental rates that are as much as 20%-40% less than retail! That means more flying every year for you.

Social Events


Make Lasting Friendships

Our club was also founded around being part of a community. We want desert flying club to be a place where people can make lasting friendships & share their passion for aviation in the Las Vegas Area. Click above to find out how to join!

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Become a Better, Safer Pilot

Whether you're a student pilot learning to fly, a private pilot, or an airline transport pilot, we want to make you better. Desert flying club is a place where you can better yourself and your skills & become the best pilot you can be. And a good pilot = a safe pilot!

Rent Aircraft for Less + Save Money

What does this actually mean?

In order to further general aviation in Las Vegas, we need to make airplanes available at reasonable rates. Desert Flying Club is a Nevada non-profit organization. We don't intend to make money from your aircraft rental activities. Instead, we simply pass along costs to you that you would incur if you were to own the airplane yourself. There is no built-in profit margin, and our goal is not to make money - it's to save you money! We realize flying is expensive.

Over the first year, we also plan to negotiate discounts for club members at places you would normally purchase things from anyway - like charts, fuel, aviation supplies, etc.

What does that ultimately mean for you? Either you save money, or you fly more!
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Let's Make Some Lasting Friendships

Desert Flying Club creates a social community; one where people who share a common passion can get together and meet. It's no surprise then, that if you attended our events or meetings, that you would make some meaningful connections! After all, aviation in Las Vegas is a small-nit community.

Whether you just make a casual friend, make business connections, or simply find a flying buddy to split the cost of a $100 hamburger with, we know you'll get WAY more than the value of your membership in gratitude from meeting great people. And that's one of our goals: to connect the local pilot community and create something bigger than all of us!

Become a Better, Safer Pilot

We all want to be a safe pilot. We all have a desire to have more time & money to do the things we want to do. At Desert Flying Club, we give you a reason to go fly! Pilots that fly more often are more proficient, and as a result safer!

Not only will you be able to fly more often, but DFC will host members-only training events. These will be technically-oriented in nature & designed to make you more knowledgeable about flying. Common topics will be weather theory & t-storm avoidance, high-altitude operations, or get-togethers where non-IFR pilots can practice IFR skills on a flight simulator.

Whatever it is, the goal is the same: to make you more proficient, and safer. You'll get so much more out of all that hard work you put in to getting your license!
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Still not sure? Let's do some math!

Try the annual cost-savings calculator here. Click on the button to the right & follow these steps:

  1. Choose what type of member you would be.
  2. Choose the type of airplane that you would fly most of the time.
  3. Enter the total number of hours you would fly, annually.
  4. (For most pilots, this is between 25-50 hours. Students are higher, between 50-100 hours per year.
  5. See the results on how much you would save! Learn to fly in Las Vegas for the least $$$!

Membership Options:



Official Member
Attend All Club Events
Support DFC!
No Aircraft Rental Privileges
Serve as Club Officer (If Interested)



Learn in Discounted Club Aircraft
Attend All Club Events
Vote for Board & Club Actions
Make Lasting Friendships
Access to DFC-Screened Flight Instructors



Full Rental Privileges
Up to 4 Pilots in 1 family
Attend All Club Events
Save Even More $$$
Access to DFC-Screened Flight Instructors

Read More About Membership Options

Social Membership
A social membership is for people who want to attend club events & outings, or obtain free training & safety seminars as part of being a member. They do not have aircraft rental privileges.

This is a great option for spouses, kids, people thinking about getting their pilots license but not sure, pilots that own airplanes but want to go on our fly-outs, corporate sponsored members, or anyone looking to simply network, get involved or have fun in aviation!
Pilot-Renter Membership
This membership option is the best for pilots who have a license already, but are looking for a more economical, social pilot community. They have full access to our fleet of club aircraft rentals, CFI's, and other training resources. They can attend any & every social outing, and even vote on club actions so they have a voice in the direction of the club.
Student Pilot Membership
A student pilot membership is for anyone looking to become a pilot & wants to get their license in club aircraft. The reason it's higher is because the insurance premiums for student renters is significantly higher than existing pilots. However, they have access to the discounted fleet rental & it STILL ends up being cheaper than most other alternatives out there! This is an amazing value for students, and they have all of the other privileges that a pilot-renter membership would have.

When they get their license, their student membership can be converted to a pilot membership.
Family Membership
This membership type allows immediate family members, who are also pilots to save money by combining their membership into one. Up to 4 pilot-members can join as long as they are immediate family (spouses or children only).
*Monthly rates represent annual memberships, paid up front. Normal membership rates for quarterly (every 3 months) are as follows: Non-Flying = $75 ($25/mo), Pilot = $165 ($55/mo), Student = $255 ($85/mo). Membership is subject to DFC Board approval.