Las Vegas's Premier Flying Club - Giving You A Reason to Fly!

What’s next? Here is the process for becoming a member:

Provisional Membership Status: (Application Process)

  1. Fill out online Membership Application. (Done Online)
  2. Send (or upload during online application) applicable documents to DFC Board – FRONT & BACK:
    1. Driver’s License,
    2. Pilot Certificates (doesn’t apply to students or social members),
    3. Medical (doesn’t apply to students or social members),
    4. Evidence of renter’s insurance (Minimum $5,000 hull insurance is required, & whatever liability you’re comfortable with)
      1. You can apply online here (Avemco) &  send us your insurance.
    5. Sign and uploadMembership Agreement / Waiver & Bylaws/Ops Rules Acknowledgement
  3. Download & review these documents:
    1. Bylaws,
    2. Operating Rules,
  4. Pay Initial Dues(Except CFIs – Done after online application or this link)
    1. NOTE: You will be charged a $20 refundable deposit for keycard access to the DFC clubhouse after you pay dues.

Active Membership: (Once approved by DFC Board)

  1. Credit Card on file for scheduling airplanes (pilot, family & student memberships).
  2. Flight Review / Aircraft Checkout complete (pilot/family memberships only).
  3. STUDENTS: Proof of U.S. Citizenship, including instructor endorsement. Details here.
  4. Send us a referral or two & get free club dues! We aim to be the premier flying club in Las Vegas!

Below you can upload documents via this form, either one at a time or all in one document:

Upload Documents Here:
  • First + Last Name*full name
  • Files*upload files hereUpload
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