Las Vegas's Premier Flying Club - Giving You A Reason to Fly!

What’s next? Here is the process for becoming a member:

Provisional Membership Status: (Application Process)

  1. Fill out online Membership Application. (Done Online)
  2. Send (or upload during online application) applicable documents to DFC Board – FRONT & BACK:
    1. Driver’s License,
    2. Pilot Certificates (doesn’t apply to students or social members),
    3. Medical (doesn’t apply to students or social members),
    4. (Optional) Obtain Personal Liability Insurance
      1. You can apply online here (Avemco)
    5. Sign and uploadMembership Agreement / Waiver & Bylaws/Ops Rules Acknowledgement
  3. Download & review these documents:
    1. Bylaws
    2. Operating Rules
    3. IDP
  4. Pay Initial Dues(Except CFIs – Done after online application or this link)
    1. NOTE: You will be charged a $20 refundable deposit for keycard access to the DFC clubhouse after you pay dues.

Active Membership: (Once approved by DFC Board)

  1. Credit Card on file for scheduling airplanes (pilot, family & student memberships).
  2. Flight Review / Aircraft Checkout complete (pilot/family memberships only).
  3. STUDENTS: Proof of U.S. Citizenship, including instructor endorsement. Details here.
  4. Send us a referral or two & get free club dues! We aim to be the premier flying club in Las Vegas!

Below you can upload documents via this form, either one at a time or all in one document:

Upload Documents Here:
  • First + Last Name*full name
  • Files*upload files hereUpload
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