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1420 Jet Stream Drive Suite 110, Henderson, NV 89052

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Because we are a non-profit organization, we are run by a volunteer staff, mostly. Members come & go to the clubhouse, and there is usually someone there Wednesdays 3-7pm & Saturdays 8am-12pm. This is subject to change, however. Please contact us prior to coming by to make sure someone will be available for you!

Nathan Whittacre
Vice President / CFO

In his professional career, Nathan Whittacre is the CEO of Stimulus Technologies. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1988, making it his new hometown. With a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science, Nathan founded Stimulus Technologies in 1995 with a goal to provide high technology solutions for his customers. Nathan enjoys spending time with his five children, backpacking, running, biking, volunteering at church, and flying his airplanes. He earned his private pilot's license in 2009 and currently holds both instrument and multi-engine ratings. He is one of the founding members of Desert Flying Club and has served on the board since its formation in 2014. He owns 4 aircraft that he leases to the club and loves serving the club members.

Brett Whittacre

Brett is the founder & CEO of ec2 Software Solutions, which develops software for the Nuclear Medicine industry, and has customers worldwide.  With a background in software development & a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Brett moved to the Las Vegas area in 1988 & travels extensively in support of his customers.  Brett has a Private Pilot’s license and also holds an LSRM-M.  When he is not traveling, Brett enjoys scuba diving & flying & maintaining his plane, which is included in the DFC fleet. He loves to spend as much time as possible with his wife & 2 sons.

James Corona
Jim is a retired chip design engineer, licensed professional engineer, and is a managing member of Ascend Aviation, LLC, which owns three DFC aircraft. Jim is an instrument rated private pilot, and takes pride in keeping his aircraft well equipped and maintained. He’s often seen on the field and in the hangar!
Matt Trager

Growing up just outside of New York City, Matt always had a passion for aviation. After two other careers, one in IT, and the other in Search and Rescue, he was eventually able to make flying his full time venture. Matt works full time for a charter company and holds an ATP certificate with type ratings in the Learjet 45, Falcon 2000 and the Hondajet. He is also a part time CFII for the club. With a love for aviation, Matt enjoys being up in the air in any capacity and helping to spread the love of aviation to others. When he is not flying, he loves being in the outdoors, climbing, biking and hiking. 

Leslee Carrescia

Originally a ramp agent from the Midwest, she left to complete flight training in Atlanta, Georgia, becoming a CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, and IGI.  She began flight instructing in Jacksonville, Florida shortly thereafter.  When the airlines slowed hiring, she had a unique opportunity to come out to Las Vegas and work as an airline dispatcher, later becoming a chief flight attendant.  Longing to return to flying, Leslee went back to flight instructing and was hired as faculty, teaching aviation to students, at the community college.  During Covid, with all the time she had at home, she began studying for the LSAT and put out applications to go to law school.  Embarking on one the hardest things she has ever done, this new passion, the law, will one day help build on Leslee’s long held passion in aviation.

Chris Smith

Chris is a private pilot who retired to Las Vegas after 30 years with the City of Los Angeles where he retired as the executive manager of the public works construction inspection team. In addition to flying, he enjoys traveling with his wife and two dogs, hiking, and scale model building. His son is a graduate of UNLV law school and his daughter is studying business at UNR. His favorite flying activity is taking friends on their first ride.

Jan Greenberg
Club Administrator

Jan is a retired Project Manager but feels if he spends part of his day talking about or being around airplanes, it’s a good thing. Jan is a Commercial pilot with an Instrument rating and loves flying in the Las Vegas area. He is available to help members with any issues they might have and works to make the DFC experience a great one!


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