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Aircraft Training

Flight Training Services Available

Desert Flying Club provides flight and ground instruction ranging from the Sport Pilot Certificate through CFI (Certified Flight Instructor), including IFR, Multi, and Commercial.

Private Pilot

This is the most common certificate held. It requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight training, and allows you to fly most single engine aircraft day or night under fair weather conditions. Once certified, you may add an instrument rating that will allow you to fly in the clouds.

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Instrument Pilot Rating

Instrument rated Pilots can legally file an IFR flight plan enabling unrestricted flight through clouds and making flights through difficult airspace much easier.

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Commercial Pilot Certificate

Achieving a Commercial Pilot Certificate is the ticket to finally being able to receive compensation for hire as a pilot. This certificate opens the doors to a wide variety of personally and financially rewarding flying opportunities.

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Multi-Engine Rating

The best way to master a subject is to teach it. Becoming a Flight Instructor provides the opportunity to build valuable flight time, while growing experience, maintaining proficiency, and increasing safety awareness while being paid to fly.

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