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In case you missed it or wanted to refer to our slides, here is the rusty pilot’s presentation from our March 2016 event. Turnout was a HUGE success! We hope to see some of you join our club & get out there flying!

Download the file here.





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DFC’s Launch Meeting A Success!

Thanks to everyone that attended our very first inaugural meeting. We have 16 attendees, and a lot more people interested that weren’t able to make it! Here’s a little highlight of what we went over:

  • DFC’s mission &  vision
  • Bylaws & Operating Agreement overview
  • Introduction of Board of Directors
  • Elections & volunteers for the Board & Officers
  • Marvin L. will be our Membership Officer
  • Patrick B. will be the Chief Flight Officer.

Congrats to Darcy Wood for being elected to the Board of Directors! Even though the turn-out was great, we still would be grateful for some volunteers needed to fill some of the various Club Officer Positions. Make sure you contact us if you’re interested in any one of the following positions:

  1. FLEET OPERATIONS OFFICER(S) – Each Fleet Operations Officer shall coordinate and manage the daily operations for Club aircraft at the airport of their responsibility, including, but not limited to, aircraft insurance, member scheduling, aircraft lease arrangements, collection activities, and flight payment deposits.
  2. MAINTENANCE OFFICER – Subject to control of the Board of Directors, the Maintenance Officer shall keep track of all pilot squawks, monthly aircraft operations work sheets, aircraft inspection status and aircraft log books.  The Maintenance Officer shall have power to ground any aircraft at any time as he deems necessary.  All aircraft and aircraft log books returning for service after an annual inspection shall be reviewed by the Maintenance Officer before returning to service.
  3. Marketing Committee – We need volunteers that will help spread the word & get our membership base up!
  4. Activity Committee – Interested in deciding what events the club will do next? Like will we take a McCarren tower tour, fly out to Big Bear, or what? Join this committee!
  5. Community Outreach Committee – If you’re interested in getting involved with Boy Scouts, doing Aviation Merit Badge, representing the club during other community programs, or just helping us further GA in general, join this committee!

All in all it was great! Thanks everyone for attending, and we’ll see you at our NEXT MEETING December 18th, at 7pm.