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plane crash las vegas april 2016

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Small Plane Crash near Las Vegas, April 2016

It’s a sad & sobering thought in any pilot’s life when we hear of something that hits close to home: a plane crash. According to news sources, this recent Saturday, April 30th, an Extra 300 that departed from Henderson Executive Airport crashed near the Nevada California border, killing both occupants on board. Not much is knows about the accident other than that. There seem to have been a rash of airplane accidents recently in the Las Vegas valley area. Each time it happens, we’re reminded as pilots of the risks we take every time we climb into the cockpit of an airplane. Our loved ones feel the stress when we hear about accidents like this. We’re reminded that the thing we love so much – flying – is rife with risks.

These kinds of incidents are a good reminder to us that proper & frequent training, and a healthy attitude toward safety & the risks we take, are a key to minimizing that risk. We should take each one of these as an opportunity to reflect on ourselves as aviators, and confront the deficiencies we know we have. Every pilot could be safer. Each flight could have been a little better planned out. We could have been slightly more prepared and familiar.

What happened recently is a tragedy, and our hearts & prayers go out to the families of the crash victims. I urge all of our members and pilots in our communities to always play it safe when it comes to aeronautical decision-making. General Aviation still has an excellent accident record & it is still a very safe industry, but there’s always something more we could be doing to ensure airplane accidents don’t happen or if they do – they have a successful outcome.

Here are some links to the developing story. Again, our best goes out to those involved.

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