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DFC upgrades to a RedBird AATD Simulator!

Posted by: In: Uncategorized 27 May 2021 Comments: 0

We’re very excited to announce the arrival of a shiny, brand-new, fancy Redbird LD flight simulator.  This is an AATD, which means you can log 2.5 hours toward a private pilot license, 20 hours toward an instrument rating and 50 hours toward a commercial license!  Of course, all these hours have to have a CFI working with you in the SIM to log the hours. 

The new simulator is setup as a 172 model with GNS 430/530 GPS and auto-pilot.  It offers 200degree wrap around screens and very realistic graphics.

Even better, DFC is offering the simulator at $60 per hour, the same price as the previous simulator.  We also have several block hour and unlimited options:

Unlimited Plans:

 $999/year (only offered until June 15) – only for a single person, can’t be shared

Private/Procedures Special:

 10 hours for $399

IFR Currency Hours:

 3 hours for $149

Instrument/Commercial Training Specials:

 20 hours for $699

 25 hours for $799

If you’d like to get checked out on the simulator, please contact Leslee Carrescia – call 928-486-3881 or email:

Happy Skies (and sim room),

DFC Board of Directors

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